Profiles and photos (to view click on name )

Jerry and Fran Thornton~ 1999 - present
Bonnie Ward BS Education~ 2005 - present
Gwynne Fikes BS Education~ 2005 - present

Ann Robertson MS Education ~ 2010,2011 to present

Joyce Hendrick BS Business Accounting~2011-2013 to present

Chad Ahrens ~Small Business Owner~2012, 2013 to present



James Arango Headmaster BCA~2009-present

Martin A. Ariku Cert. Biblical Studies~ 1999-present

James Mabery Forkuor- BSC Marketing, Dip. Christian Ministry~ 2004 to present
David Forkuor PhD. Geography and Rural Development ~2011-present

Gerald Forkuor MSC. Remote Sensing~ 2009-present

John B. Forkuor MS Sociology 2004-present

Janet Afra Thornton~ WBS leader and Women's ministry~1999-present

Bismark Nyarko-Dip. Social Work ~2011-present

Kennedy Osei Hwedie~ MS Counselling and Psychology, MAR. Arts and Religion-2009-present

Ivy Ofosu Boadu MSC. Public Health~presently serving on board


Others who served:

Ken Willis  March 2006


Jerry Pierce  June 2006                    Dionne                    June 2006



Karen Phipps  June 2007


Wayne Donaghe  June 2012