Bazua Christian Academy

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How do we cooperate with God to make a long term difference in the lives of the people we have come to serve? A question every Christian missionary asks himself and our question as we thought about what the Lord would have us do among the northern peoples of Ghana, West Africa. The year was 2004. The area was one of the most impoverished, a rural farming community called Bazua in the Upper East Region. Most of the people that were coming to Christ in response to the gospel preaching were unable to read or write. Very few have the opportunity to go to school. So, the idea of starting a school was born. Beginning in 2004, the Bazua church began taking 3-4 year olds into a nursery school class, using the church building as a classroom with teachers and cooks recruited from among the church ladies.

The Bazua Christian Academy is now in it's 13th year (2017). The word of God is taught every day in all the classes. We have been blessed to see several of our older students come to Christ, the first of the hoped for "harvest". Pray with us for the Lord's continued blessings to complete the work He has given into our hands.


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